tunes to be had with a morning cup of tea, or perhaps, an evening's glass of red wine. 


Campfires, mountain tops, hidden beaches or a cabin by the sea are all suitable venues for Erisy Watt’s folksy soul styling.

With honey sweet vocals and a soft hum that speaks to an older time, Watt has cultivated a balance of contemporary folk and sultry soul that brings on an air of ease and simplicity. A subtlety of southern charm, Watt’s vocals pay homage to her upbringing in Nashville, TN yet her lyrics very much reflect the connection she’s made with the Golden State. Working on a degree in Environmental Studies from UCSB, Watt is equal parts singer-songwriter and environmental advocate who aims to embody the symbiosis between the two within her own music. Watt will be releasing her first studio recorded EP in the coming months.